In 2014,  I ended my search for a home for  Firefly Boutique hotel.  Within the  ancient coral rock walls of Abdun’s Palace, Firefly unfolded and found her voice…..

The close proximity to Zanzibar, coupled with the charming Bagamoyo Stone town, and main road connecting the North / South road to Bagamoyo, made it perfectly located for my idea to connect mainland with Zanzibar, bypassing Dar es Salaam. 

So began the year and a half restoration, and subsequent, gentle segue into all that Firefly has since become.      

An embrace,  

A work in progress, a constant learning, unfolding and breathing adventure.      The heart smiles, each gentle call to prayer on the fragrant breeze, the sensuous and heady sandalwood wood fires, the coconut trees swaying freely, unencumbered by their age old wisdom, all a part of our simbiosis.       

This is the Bagamoyo we have come to love.   The simplicity / the complexity.

You are welcome to rest a while in this embrace.  

Jo Turner (Zimbabwean Entrepreneur)

© 2020 Firefly Company Ltd. Bagamoyo, Tanzania