Firefly has a lot of history in it's walls. We renovated an old german building, trying to keep as much as the original style and facade as possible. In the 

restoration process we used mainly old recycled materials. 

The beautiful town of Bagamoyo was founded at the end of the 18th century and was the original capital of German East Africa. The town was one of the most significant trading ports along the East African coast. Bagamoyo is home to an abundance of culture and history having been influenced by Indian and Arab traders, by German colonial Government and Christian missionaries over the years. It has recently been concidered as a world heritage site and today, it is the centre for Dhow sailboat building. 



Our main mission is to maintain an

eco-friendly hotel, by avoiding use of unneccecary waste. 

We have built a recycling point for our hotel, as well as other residents. 

Beach Cleaning
We started the non profit "Bagamoyo Beach Lovers" program, removed one hundred tons of garbage from the beach, and installed garbage cans along the beaches. 



In cooperation with "Bagamoyo Beach Lovers" we educate our staff, and town residents about waste management. 

Eco-Friendly Materials

We do our best to avoid materials that harm the planet. Thats why you won't see much plastic around the venue. 


Local Food

By providing local grown food in our restaurant, a lot of energy is saved on transportation. We are aiming to bring this to the next level by growing more ingredients in our organic farm. 


In addition to being a earth-friendly, historic venue, this is also a place to just relax. Tread the cool wide corridors;  Breathe the scent of ocean mingled with Home-Grown herbs.

Firefly has everything you need in one place;

Enjoy a cold beverage by the pool

Our sky blue pool is surrounded by comfortable sitting areas and a hammock for pure relaxation. 

Live music

Every Friday night the town is gathered at firefly, to watch upcoming local artists.


In our on site spa, we offer wonderful massages, scrubs, waxing, manicures and pedicures.

Leave feeling refreshed.


We offer on-site yoga classes with our talented coach, on request. 

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