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Bagamoyo Beach Lovers

Keeping Bagamoyo Beaches Clean is our pride and joy

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Bagamoyo Beach Lovers is a small community-based organization in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. It was founded in early 2016 by Firefly Boutique lodge, in response to the horrible amount of waste piling up on the Tanzanian shoreline. In just a few short years, we’ve made huge progress, and today, our team is the leading beach management unit in the coastal region.


We work with partners both at home and abroad to achieve our goals: cleaning the beaches and oceans, advocating for sustainable consumption and waste disposal practices, and educating young people about the environment.

We encourage guests to get involved, and enjoy our lovely coast line as well as collecting any plastic you might see along the way.


Help both in hands, equipment or finance is always a pleasure...  Stay tuned for updated projects.     

See you on the beach!

Worlds best beach-cleaners; Simon & Shabani

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